What is the basic message of Christianity? Finding the answer to this question is often obscured by impressions that people have. Because of people we know, experiences we have, or information we have already received, many of us bring assumptions to the table when seeking answers to this question.

Regardless of whether these assumptions are accurate or not, it's important to come to the source text of Christianity, the Bible, to find our answers. While it can be helpful to hear what others say about Christianity, ultimately we have to find out what Christianity says about itself.

This sections seeks to present the "point" of Christianity, based on what is said in Bible. There is no chapter in the Bible titled, "What This Christianity Thing Is All About Anyway"...that might have made things easier to explain, but one of the beautiful things about Christianity is that it doesn't fit in a box. It can't necessarily be explained in "first A, then B, then C" terms. For that reason, we have to study the entire Bible to gain a greater picture of what God has revealed to us. Specific verses are used to refer to the truths presented in the Bible; you are encouraged to examine the context of these verses to deepen your understanding of what is being communicated in these sections:

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