The Bible is more than a big, old book. More than just the Christian “religious text”. Understanding what the Bible is -- and what it’s not -- is necessary for understanding what it has to say.

The Bible is the Word of God; God’s message to us. Rather than hand it to us in complete form, He chose certain individuals to write down what He wants us know.

The Bible isn’t really a single book; it’s a collection of books. Sixty-six of them. God used around 40 different people to write these books over hundreds of years in several different countries. There are stories of adventure and action, romance and betrayal, poems that celebrate and poems of agony, accounts of miracles, theological and philosophical discussions...and of course, instructions on building an ark and how to celebrate Jewish religious festivals.

Each of these books are unique in style and specifics, but they all communicate the same underlying message: that God loves us and has provided a way for us to be saved from sin and the destuction it causes in our lives.

The Bible provides answers to life’s problems and questions, gives hope, brings peace, and equips us to live the life of joy and purpose that God intended for us. Regardless of who we are, the time period and location we live in, our past choices, our present situation...God has something to say to us personally through His Word.

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