The idea of worship is partially covered by prayer, but because it is so important, we want to talk about it separately. Worshipping God can take place on our own, or with other believers – both are important. While worshipping God publicly with a praise band can be easy and fun, it won’t be as good if we haven’t been worshipping God privately on our own.


Worship is a decision and action, not a feeling. We need to discipline ourselves to worship even when we don’t feel like it. We need to worship for many different reasons. Here are a few:

  • God deserves our worship, so we should give it to Him.
  • Worship helps us focus on God, not ourselves. Sometimes we need to stop thinking about ourselves so much, and need to focus on God so we put things in perspective.
  • Worship also humbles us because we see how great God is in comparison to ourselves.
  • Worship reminds us of the truth of who God is. The enemy often tries to lie to us about who God is so that we lose faith in Him. When we accept these lies we’re fearful, when we reject these lies, we become confident in Him.

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Sing some of your favorite worship songs at home with God as your only audience.

Make list of God’s qualities or who He is and praise Him for that. It is especially beneficial if you can find verses in your Bible that support these qualities.

Make a list of things you are thankful for and thank Him.

Buy (and listen to)worship tapes or CDs.


Read 31 Days of Praise by Ruth Myers.
It will help you cultivate a lifestyle of worship.











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