Prayer isn’t just us talking to God. It’s us conversing with God, which means that it’s a way that He can talk to us. Prayer can be a difficult habit for many people to form, but once you learn to pray regularly, it will add so much to your relationship with God!


Prayer is more than just a way for us to express our needs and feelings to God. It also helps us be in tune with God and know His heart. When this happens, we can make more godly decisions, realize truths about difficult situations that we might not have understood before, and we can see how our life fits into the overall picture. Prayer is a great way to deal with stressful situations, not only because God can help us with them, but more importantly, prayer can give us a fresh, godly perspective about life – what may have seemed like a major crisis can quickly become less important.


There's no "right" way to pray: Just talk to God! He’s your friend, so tell Him about your joys and fears just like you would any other fiend. Remember, prayer isn’t a way we “impress” God, so don’t worry about how you say things – just be honest with Him about what’s going on.

You don’t need to spend all your time asking. God wants to know your needs and desires, but He also wants to hear you worship Him, thank Him, confess your sin, and just spend time with Him, seeking His heart.

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  Make a prayer list. Don’t rely on this list, but use it as a guide when you’re not sure what to pray about. Be sure to go back to see what God has answered!

Pray out loud or walk as you pray.
Some people find it hard to focus when they’re sitting down and praying quietly. Do what it takes to be focused.

Set a specific amount of time to pray. Sometimes we need to discipline ourselves to pray even when we don’t feel like it. Set a minimal amount of time to begin with and let it grow.


Read Prayer by O. Hallesby.
It has amazing insights into strengthening our prayer life.

Download the Growth Packet and look at some prayer guides.
Use these to give you ideas on how to structure your prayer life.

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