We need to get teaching from other Christians to remind us of truth and stimulate our thinking, which will help us grow in our faith. As growing Christians, we need instruction from those who are more mature in their faith, and we need to hear other perspectives and thoughts.

If we just focus on what we think, we can run into some risks, like:

  • not thinking or learning anything new, so that we are not challenged to grow
  • not seeing faults in our life or in our thinking
  • becoming overly absorbed in our own way of thinking so that we only feed off it and don’t grow

There are many different ways to get teaching, especially with all that we have access to through technology. See the Tips and Ideas to the right for some ideas.

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Attend church or church-related events where teaching takes place

Listen to sermons or teaching online (many churches and Christian organizations feature online teaching)

Read books

Attend seminars or special events where speakers are featured

Listen to teaching
tapes or CD/DVDs






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