If we are spending time with God and other Christians, we will be getting a lot of spiritual nourishment. But we also need spiritual exercise. If all we do is take, and never give, our faith will become stagnant because we will not be using what we’re learning and experiencing. Not only do we need to give for our own sake, we need to give for others’ sake. God gives us so much love when we relate with Him, that we need to let that love overflow from our life into the lives of others.

There are two main ways we can give of ourselves: Giving through Ministry and Giving of Resources.


The term “ministry” can seem intimidating to many people because we tend to think of pastors, missionaries, or people who work in the church. But don’t worry – you don’t always have to give up your career goals in order to minister! Ministry is simply reaching out to others and giving of yourself. It can be something we do through our church on a regular basis, or something we do personally from time to time.


God designed the church, the body of Christ, to work like a human body (read 1 Peter 4.10 and 1 Corinthians 12.5, 27). Just like your body needs all its limbs and organs to do their part in order to function normally, a church needs all its members to do their part to function normally. When we all do our part to make things work, we not only meet our needs, but also the needs of those around us. When we aren’t doing our part, the body suffers.

Perhaps more importantly for our own growth, ministry helps us experience God and know Him more fully. When God asks us to love and reach out to others, we often have to rely on His strength. We get to know God more as we obey Him and He provides us with what we need so that we CAN obey Him. Ministry is truly a life-changing part of our walk, as we see God work in lives around us, as we see Him using us in His work, and as we experience His love and grace when we otherwise wouldn’t.


We can minister to others in many different ways – it can be through an existing church or ministry or it can be through your own personal way of sharing God’s love:

  • talking to and reaching out to people who need friends or are hurting
  • showing God’s love (being friendly) to those who have no friends
  • helping out leaders in ministry or helping with church ministries like youth group, children’s ministries, music, etc.
  • teaching or leading Christian groups like Bible studies, prayer groups, etc.
  • doing “grunt work” like setting up, cleaning, or errand running for a ministry
  • spending time with those who are less mature in their faith with the object of helping them grow, or influencing them positively
  • going out of your way to encourage or be kind to someone
  • any other way we can serve others and the body of Christ – the opportunities are endless!


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Just minister however you are able. Don't feel that you need to make a huge committment.

Be open to lots of possibilities. We may serve in many different areas before we find our "niche".

Don't place too high a value on "visible" ministries. Behind-the-scenes work is just as necessary.




















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