How do we take these truths and make them real in our life?

Sure, it's easy to read what we should believe. We might even mentally agree with and "know" these truths. But getting it to really affect our lives can be a whole different matter.

Why is it so hard? Lots of reasons. Past experiences and beliefs have trained our mind to think a certain way. Also, it takes time for our beliefs to filter down into the way we act. And most of all, it's hard to accept truth because our Enemy is working hard to make sure we don't. Satan is the father of lies; he knows that every lie ("untruth") we believe about God will slow us down or even stop us in our walk with God.

So we have to start by asking God to help us. If there is an issue you know is coming between you and Him, tell Him. Let Him know you want to believe the truth, but that you're having a tough time with it. Ask Him to help you and be confident that He will...remember, He wants this relationship even more than you do!

When you ask for His help, God will guide you to specific ways that you can begin to get His truth from your head to your heart. Here are some additional ways you might learn to accept and live out God's truth:

  • Get some help. Whether it's a Christian friend or counselor, a pastor, or Christian leader, talk with someone who can give insight and encouragement as you grow in your understanding of God. Ask God to show you who to go to.
  • Identify, perhaps with help, what specific truths about God are hard for you to accept. You might begin by identifying specific frustrations or obstacles in your walk and ask what incorrect views about God are causing you to think or live this way.
  • Choose to believe. Sometimes we have to make a decision to believe, even if our heart isn't fully convinced. Your heart will follow.
  • Fill your head with truth. Find, write out, and memorize verses in the Bible that specifically address the truth issue you are having difficulty accepting.
  • Resist lies. If you find yourself thinking lies, stop. Confront those lies with truth (that's why it's helpful to have verses memorized). We may find a need to avoid certain situations or relationships that negatively impact us.
  • Be patient. Truth takes time to sink in.
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