basics of christianity
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Get an overview of the basic concepts of Christianity.

In spite of the prevalence of Christianity, many people find themselves wondering what Christians believe. It can be like a puzzle...they have a piece here and a piece there, but nothing that makes a whole lot of sense. It's an incomplete picture. seeks to fill in some of those pieces; to provide enough information that you will be able to understand the central beliefs of Christianity.

  • Message - Discover what Christianity is about. Includes common questions and misconceptions, and how to become a Christian.
  • Foundations - Find out the basic beliefs of Christianity, which will both help you understand the "heart" of Christianity, and provide information necessary for healthy growth as a new Christian.
  • Growth - Excellent resource and guide for new Christians who want to find out how to grow in their faith.
  • Questions - Answers a few questions about Christianity and provides opportunity for you to ask your own questions.
  • Get More - Free resources, study helps, guides, downloads, and more to help new Christians grow in their relationship with God.

Use this resource as a "Christianity 101"; whether you are just looking into Christianity or are a new Christian, we hope this overview will help you better understand what Christianity is really about.

Those with a Muslim background might benefit from also viewing The site is a dialogue between Islam and Christianity, and has information about who Jesus is, why some Muslims have become Christians, what Christianity is about, how to become a Christian, and much more. There is information about Christianity in many languages, including Arabic, Persian, Indonesian/Malay, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu. is another website, in Arabic (but also available in English), where visitors can listen to the stories of Muslims who have learned about Jesus through dreams and visions.

tips for new christians

Take your time.
If this is new information, it probably won't all make sense upon a first reading. Rather than be overwhelmed, take things in slowly. Learn until your mind and heart are full and come back when you're ready to get more.

Get a "travel buddy". Find someone who will walk with you as you look over these things. Ask a friend, or get connected at a church or Bible study.

Interact online. Have a specific question, or still unclear on something. Let us know and we'll try to help!





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